Internal Rules

1 THE PAYMENT OF THE STAY IS MADE IN ADVANCE IN RECEPTION, Save the file input / the bill because he asked later in the plot. mandatory for those who come by car / motor home has one card to open and close the barriers, people who do not own cars will be presented with a pass ,in case of breakage or loss of the card or pass loss of deposit of 10 euros you have to leave reception.Likewise, lodged customers will have to wear an identifying bracelet inside the campsite.

2 The day’s camping ends at 12 midday, meaning that for any departures after 12 midday an extra day will be charged.

3 The time during which the barrier is closed and no further vehicle circulation is allowed is 24:00 to 8:00. Bicycles may be used from 8:00 to 22:00.Somes seasons the Camping will give you a Card for open and close the barrier, will have to leave a deposit of 10 euros

4 Silence must be kept at night from 24:00 to 8:00, except for days on which the camping site arranges parties, when the limit will be extended until roughly 1:00. From 24:00 campers will be obliged to switch off any TV and music equipment and be quiet. From 1:00 at night all the lights on the plots must be switched off. Any camper failing to abide by these rules may be expelled from the site.

Using the sinks is not allowed after 24:00 h

5 Visits of over 2 hours will be charged.

6 ADMISION RULES OF ANIMALS: We do not alow animals of potentially dangerous race. We just allow pets of no dangerous race in the camping area provided they do not disturb customers.It is completely forbidden to leave alone dogs on the plot and inside the campsite. Animals must be always controlled by their owners and tied. For their needs, the owner will have to get them out of the camping site.In case a customer does not comply with these rules and their animals annoy others, pets would not be accepted. Therefore, they would be expelled from the campsite.We do not allow domestic animals in the following accommodations: Bungalows and Bell and Safari tents.

 7 The Camping site management is NOT liable for any thefts, robbery, atmospheric incidents or any other cause beyond the company’s control

8 FORBIDDEN TO LIGHT FIRES, no barbecues, paellas made with wood or charcoal etc. thus being allowed on the camping site. Do not throw cigarette ends or lit cigarettes into paper bins or on the ground.

Be careful with gas devices and disconnect any electrical apparatus after using this. Keep the place clean and tidy and do not accumulate rubbish.


9  Parking cars on any empty plots or paths is not allowed.

10  Washing vehicles on the camp site is not allowed.

11 Motor vehicles must not be driven at over 10 Km/hour on the site.

12 It is forbidden to bother other campers with any excessive volume or TV or radios .

13 No fitting awnings, fences, sinks and any other item whose erection may make it appear to involve a permanent stay on the camping site. It is strictly forbidden to hammer nails or any sharp object into the trees.

14 The plot must be absolutely clean and in proper condition during the stay and at the end of the stay at the site. Otherwise the camping site management will be forced to charge the customers 30 euros per site for cleaning expenses.

15 The sweepings will be deposited in the containers of the Camping.

16 No minors under 18 years of age will be allowed on the site unless accompanied by and remaining on the site with their parents.

17 Driving motorbikes and mopeds around the camping site is not allowed, except for the camping site staff.

18  Please respect the trees, plants and make proper use of the water. Potable water is not recommended for pregnat woman and lactant children.

Any camper who disobeys any of these rules may be expelled from the Site.